5 Tech Products for your daily life you needed most

Technology makes our life faster. In our everyday life we use so many different types of tech products to make our life easy.

Polaroid Cube Camera:

This camera is cute, compact and extremely easy to use. The outer feature of this camera is look like toys. Although it’s proficient camcorder can capture 1080p footage and 6mp still via a wide angle lens. The Polaroid camera is splash-proof, shock resistance and compatible with optional mount. It won’t cost more than $100.


Anki Cozmo:

Anki Cozmo is an artificial intelligence that is self-aware, capable of recognizing its owner to express feelings and always ready to play games. If you are a great fan of robots then you can utilize Anki Cozmo as a developer platform and can add more features in it. The price of it is only $180.

Google Home:

Google home has very interesting feature of the tech giant’s Artificial Intelligence power with Google assistance. It cans response to voice prompts by tapping into an ultra advanced neural network. You can play music, play music, answer questions, set timers, and control connected appliances, among many other things. It will cost you only $129.


Heavy Leather NYC Wrist Camera Strap:

This is a wrist trap heavy leather NYC that has 2-inch width. It is crafted in the united state by Italian leather. You can attach it to the bottom of your camera or to its side for the tripod-mounting screw. The strap is very light in weight and stylish which is great for the mirror less cameras. Very cheap only $45.


Tile slim Bluetooth Tracker:

Starts with only $30. This gadget is very useful for you if you have the habbit to foreget your mobile at work or home. It helps you to find the mobile if it is in Bluetooth range. It is very slim, barely thicker than your credit card so easy to carry. The non-removal battery will lasts for a year.


Logitech Harmony Elite:

Logitech Harmony Elite is the best universal remote control by which you can control every piece of electronic gadgets such as speakers’ volume, television, gaming console etc. it supports more than 270,000 devices. The price is beat high, will cost you $304.



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