Dad… I love you

“I had all the love I needed from my mother, but my father simply believed in me”.

20 years ago. I was in a garden while my dad and mom were standing away from me. I was playing football with my friends and we didn’t bother ourselves with anything around us. Suddenly I felt someone was watching me. I looked around, but there was no one but the kids around us. Then I caught my dad’s eyes looking at me. He had that smile on his face I didn’t know exactly if he was happy or sad. I just felt like he was admiring and loving everything I do. I thought of all Fathers Day quotes I heard before, but none of them meant anything to me at the moment. I didn’t know why he did that, and I didn’t care at the time. Today I remember that look every time I see my kids around me. Now, I understand what my dad felt that day. He admired and loved me. But most importantly, he believed in me.


“I always hated when my dad gave me advice because I always knew he was right”.

I stood in front of the mirror to assure I was a super style 17 years old young man in my messy room. Everything was perfect. In the corner of the mirror, I saw my father standing at the door room. I rolled my eye and pretended I didn’t see him. I knew he was waiting for any opportunity to criticize me and show me how stupid I was.



It was the same every Fathers Day. I thought maybe he was waiting for me to say one of Fathers Day quotes. It was a cliché and I wouldn’t do it. I tried to take my time till he goes away. But he didn’t. At the end, I had no choice but to turn around and wait for his words. He just stood there looking at me. It was boring and confusing. I was just starting to leave the room when he stepped in holding my jacket. He handed it to me saying it will be cold later. I argued him and said I didn’t need him to tell me what to wear and that I’m a man. He looked at me and smiled and he said: “I know”. Then he left.

I stood there for a while. I stubbornly threw the jacket on the bed and left the room to meet my friends. After 3 steps I stopped, then I went back to the room and took my jacket then I left. He was right.


“A protector. A mentor. A shield. A guide. That’s what he meant to me”.

I sat there under rain looking at the grass. I remembered all the times he took me to play outside. He always laughed and told me that when I was a little kid, I used to throw the ball away then ask him to bring it back to me. It doesn’t matter what he was doing, he always brought it.

I smiled when I remembered every Fathers Day in the past 33 years. I always thought I should google some Fathers Day quotes and write it to him on a fancy card as I used to do with my mother. Then I would back down and think it is a silly thing to do. Was it really that silly? Maybe I should’ve done it.

What are the best Fathers Day quotes that I should have written to my father? Something about how much I loved him, or maybe how he affected my life in ways I never imagined. But he already knew all that. Every time I looked at his eyes, I knew he knew it. Then, why didn’t I say it to him.

If I knew I would write down every Fathers Day quotes and gave it to him. But now he’s dead. I can’t tell him all the things I always wanted to say.

My son comes near me and holds my hand. I look at him, then at the tombstone for a moment, and I realize it. Even if I never told him, he always knew. A father doesn’t need to hear the words from his son. He felt it in every look and every touch. Even when I wasn’t there for him. And he always loved me.

My favorite Fathers Day quotes?

“Dad… I love you”.

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