Tutorial-fur hat for women

My first try at making a rabbit fur hat turned out pretty worthy, but there was lots of trial and error that went in to making it.  We rise American Chinchilla rabbits as well as last year I was thrilled to learn how to tan the beautiful furs. I used two furs to create the hat above, and I learned a few things alongside the way that would help me revise the next hat in addition to make it better.   There are numerous diverse patterns that appear to work just fine depending upon what types of hat you want to make.  I wanted a Russian Ushanka kind hat with ear flaps that might be pulled down while it’s real cold as well as tied on top when not too cold.  I’m planning to test out a pair of diverse patterns to see what I like greatest.   This is the pattern I used below, I found it on a you tube video I watched in addition to this is the basic design they used.  Taking head sizes of circumference and height is significant to get the fit just correct, together with seam allowance of a quarter inch.

You require to cut out two of the head parts and four of the ear flap side parts, 2 of each side, plus two of the front parts.  On my next hat it would have longer ear flaps than this design.  My first effort to make a hat was made out of an old wool sweater that was unintentionally shrunk in the wash, after cutting out the design and stitching it all up, the pieces functioned and the hat fit.

I moreover used the same wool sweater as well as cut a strip around the same size as the ear flap strip in addition to sewed it inside the coating of the hat as a head band, it aids hold the form of the winter hats for women and is comfy on the head, you can furthermore use any types of batting for the head band.


In the elementary pattern for the head part above I will reduce the height just a slight for my next women winter hats, there was a slight extra head room, and the ear flaps under need to be longer for the following one. Make certain you give yourself a quarter inch seam allowance if using a stitching machine.  Fur is an astonishing medium to work with, each part you cut out requires to be looked at on the fur side to make certain it’s running the correct direction so it will appear good. The central of the fur is the most tough with the edges being subtler which is difficult when stitching because it would tear easily.  The furs must be prime, meaning the rabbit was about 6 months old and then I like to yield in cold weather so the fur is additional plush.  Raising kits to 6 months old is an actual stretch for me in addition to my hutch space, typically they go into a portable grow out rabbit tractor.

The lining is what finishes the inside of the fur hat for women and hides all the layers, it also creates wearing the cap comfortable.  The liner is prepared with the similar pattern for the top head piece.  For the lining I used a piece of pleasant quality nylon that will last a long time and not absorb dampness.  I thought around the liner and diverse fabrics I might use, on another hat I’m making I plan to use a lovely soft cotton corduroy, you will want to think around matching the color to the cap, for mine I went with black.