Every Successful Video Shoot Starts with a Good Plan.

If you want to expand your creative horizons and add new and exciting production elements to your videos, start by developing a plan for your production. Selecting the appropriate format, style and production elements will set you up for success.

As Creative Director for an advertising agency, I am regularly part of a dog-and-pony show to pitch client’s creative premises for their television programs. In order to make sure that the right creative elements are contained in each premise, we start with a think tank. This is a daylong meeting with the client that allows us to gather as much information as possible about the product. There are no bad ideas at this point as any idea helps the creative flow. Your videos can benefit from a similar process.

  1. Gather Information

Before you begin to think creatively, do a quick overview of the project. Determine what it is that you hope to accomplish. Identify the intended viewer. Explain how you want your video production boston to affect that viewer. Do you want to motivate, inform or just cause him to relive a warm memory. Try to boil the project down to a single statement that encompasses everything you are trying to accomplish. In advertising, this is called a “Unique Selling Proposition.” Actually write down a statement that defines what is unique about the project and what elements must be present in order to produce a successful project. Let’s call this the “Essence” of your production.

Next, take a look at all the potential production elements and then allow your time-line, budget, available resources and the appropriateness for the project to dictate what goes into your outline. Once you’ve defined your project, summarize it in a paragraph. Keep that paragraph in front of you as a constant reminder of what is important in the project.

  1. Choose a Format

Part of your planning will involve selecting a format (or combination of formats) to use for your project. There are several formats commonly used for television and video productions.

  • Interview. A formal interview might take place on a set with the host seated behind a desk, like Leno or Letterman, with the person being interviewed seated opposite the host in a chair. An informal interview could be someone in a reporter role interviewing a coach on the sidelines of a football game, or a starlet on the red carpet before the Oscars. Additionally, the interviewer may be seen or unseen.
  • Documentary. A formal documentary might use a voiceover to describe the events that lead to the Battle of the Alamo, featuring drawings from the period and using black and white footage from old films that depicted the battle, like a PBS documentary on the Civil War. An informal documentary could be comprised of interviewing the cast and crew of an upcoming musical as they prepare to open a new performing arts facility. Rather than having a formal narration to describe the events leading to the opening, ask questions of the actual participants that will lead to a body of material from which you may cut your entire video production boston documentary. In the real people’s own words.
  • Video Magazine. In this format the hosts are usually behind a desk or newsroom platform but two hosts banter between themselves, the tone is lighter and entertainment value is increased.
  • Story Based. A story-based piece requires a complete script and actors to perform scripted lines. This is the most sophisticated and complicated format as it includes getting actors to say someone else’s words and yet come across as real people conveying real emotions. It might also involve the actors doing written recreations of events. These scenes can be shot in a studio or on location.
  • Talking Head. This is the simplest format. It is less complicated than an interview only because a standard interview usually involves more art direction and feeling of environment than a talking head segment. Talking heads can be shot with multiple cameras or film style. A film style single camera shoot involves shooting the person answering the questions first and then re-creating the questions with the interviewer later. Be sure to shoot reaction shots of the interviewer, “noddies,” so you can edit to the reactions in order to compress the guests answers without a jump cut.


  1. Select a Style

Selecting the style you will use is essentially identifying the personality of the project. What is the flavor or feeling you want the program to convey? Is the presentation essentially formal or informal? Is it serious or silly? An interview, for example, can be formal (the 6 o’clock news) or informal (Oprah). A documentary can be narrated or it can utilize real people telling their own stories. In a lecture format, the speaker or topic will dictate the tone. A video magazine program like 60 Minutes is less formal than the Nightly News, where an anchor throws to field pieces.

  1. Add Appropriate Elements

Once you’ve determined the format and style, you can decide which elements are appropriate for your video production boston project. Does any footage related to the subject already exist? Be sure to examine all possible existing footage before final planning. Even if you don’t use it, you might learn something about how the subject is best shot. If your subject involves following a process (remodeling a room, painting a picture, losing weight), consider before and after shots. These can be quite inspiring. I once shot a video designed to get the Mayor of a city re-elected to a fourth term. By showing what the city had looked like before he took office and what it looked like after, voters could see the difference he had made.

Aspirational shots (“aspirational” is an adjective in advertising lingo) can be created by simply locating a model who has the right look or by searching the Internet for inexpensive stock footage shots. When your video is talking about how wonderful it is to live an active older life, you cut to your aspirational shots (perhaps stills even) of attractive older models playing golf or sitting by a pool.

Product Demonstrations are often useful, where appropriate. A comparison between the old way and the new product can be a great element. Product demonstrations are straightforward, with possibly an expert performing the demo, or they can be light and fun (or even outrageous), as long as the power of the demo is maintained.

Since the development of pop-up video (interesting or pertinent information that overlays the video), the use of factoids has become popular. A factoid is simply an element related to the subject that is popped on in text or portrayed in both a voiceover and text.

  1. Try Testimonials

Testimonials are particularly powerful. There are a few ways to incorporate testimonials into your project. The first is to interview a real group of everyday people who are doing the activity or using the product. The cheapest and easiest way is to bring all the people to one location and shoot them with the same background. However, this can look visually dull after a few shots. You may be able to get three or four usable locations out of the same room by picking multiple set-ups within the same general location. Sit just left or right of the lens and establish strong eye contact with the person. Don’t have them look into the lens unless they are very comfortable on-camera and even then only when what they are going to say is a personal appeal to the viewer. Talking right to a camera can be uncomfortable to the performer, (no human contact or feedback) and to the viewer, (the person is looking right at me). If you identify a particularly strong testimonial, you might want to arrange to shoot B-roll (shots without sound) of that person doing what they talk about and build it into a full feature for your piece.

If you shoot before an audience, you can ask for their reaction to what they’ve seen. You can do instant testimonials or a mall intercept, where people try your product or activity and you shoot their reactions. You can also shoot man on the street pieces. Make sure that if you shoot real people for testimonials that you have them sign a simple release which states that you can use their image and not pay them.

Expert testimonial is usually shot a little more formally. Keep in mind that having an expert might provide material that substantiates your belief in your topic, but an expert can also be a dynamic video presence. Sometimes a little science can go along way. You can choose to shoot the expert as a stand-alone testimonial or have him interviewed by a host or hostess. An expert can also analyze the action or perform a play-by-play description of an event.

  1. The Essence

Pre-planning your video project and creating a project essence that acts as your reference, along with a realistic time-line and budget, will help you select the right format, style and elements for your production. Once you start shooting with expanded creative visions, your palette will keep growing and growing. As a Creative Director, one of my favorite exercises is trying to match the format and elements to the project. I think you’ll find as much fun in this as I have, and your videos will look better and be more effective in influencing your audience.

Wedding Photography – 21 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

It’s a question which I have been asked a couple of times in our discussions in the course of the most recent couple of months so while I’m not a Pro Las Vegas wedding photographers I thought the time had come to share a couple of tips on the theme of Wedding Photography.

I’ll leave the specific tips of shooting a wedding for the stars – yet as somebody who has been made a request to photo various loved one’s weddings – here are a couple of proposals.



Wedding Photography Tips

  1. Make a ‘Shot List’

A mongst the most supportive tips I’ve been given about Wedding Photography is to advance the couple to ponder the shots that they’d like you to catch on the day and aggregate a rundown so you can confirm them. It is useful in the family shots. There’s nothing more awful than recovering the photographs and acknowledging you didn’t photo the glad couple with grandmother!


  1. Wedding Photography Family Photo Coordinator

I discover the family photograph some portion of the day can be very unpleasant. Individuals are going all around, you’re unconscious of the distinctive family flow at play, and people are in a ‘merry soul’ to the point where it can be very confused. Get the couple to select a relative who can be the “chief” of the shoot. They can round everybody up, help get them in the shot and keep things moving so that the couple can return to the gathering.


  1. Scout the Location

Visit the places that you’ll be shooting ahead of the material day. I realize it is supportive to know where we are going, have a couple of positions for shots as well as to know how the light may become possibly the most important factor. On maybe a couple weddings I even went to areas with the couples and took a couple test shots.


  1. In Wedding Photography Preparation is Key

So it turns out badly on that day – so you ought to be very much arranged. Have a reinforcement arrange, have batteries charged, memory cards clear, consider courses and time to get to places and get a schedule of the entire day so you realize what’s going on next. If you can, go to the practice of the service where you’ll assemble a ton of incredible data about conceivable positions to shoot from, the lighting, the request of the function and so on.


  1. Set desires with the Couple

Demonstrate to them your work/style. Find what they call for to accomplish, what number of shots they require, the things they need to be recorded, how the shots will be utilized (print and so on). If you’re charging them for the instant, guarantee you have the belief of cost set up in advance.


  1. Kill the sound on your Camera

Beeps amid addresses, the kiss and promises don’t add to the occasion. Turn off sound before hand and keep it off.


  1. Shoot the little subtle elements

Photo rings, backs of dresses, shoes, blooms, table settings, menus and so on – these proffer the end collection. Flick in a wedding magazine in the news remains for a little motivation.


  1. Utilize Two Cameras

Ask, get, contract or take an additional camera for the day – set it up with an alternate focal point. I attempt to shoot with one wide point focal point (extraordinary for real to life shots and in tight spaces and one longer focal point.


  1. Consider a Second Wedding Photographer

Having the support of Las Vegas wedding photographers can be an awesome approach. It implies less moving around amid function and addresses, takes into account one to catch the formal shots and the other to get authentic shots. It takes a little weight off you ‘the one’ you require to get each shot!


  1. Be Bold however Not Obtrusive

Tentativeness won’t get you ‘the shot’ – at times you should be intense to catch a minute. However timing is everything and thinking ahead to get in the correct position for key minutes are critical so as not to upset the occasion. In a function I attempt to move around no less than 4-5 times however attempt to time this to match with tunes, sermons or longer readings.


  1. Figure out how to Use Diffused Light

The capacity to skip a glimmer or to diffuse it is vital. You’ll see that in many temples that light is low. If you’re sanctioned to utilize a glimmer consider whether skipping the blaze will work or whether you might need to purchase a glimmer diffuser to relax the light. In the event that you can’t utilize a glimmer you’ll have to either utilize a quick at wide openings or additionally knock up the ISO.


  1. Shoot in RAW

I realize that numerous reader feel that they don’t have sufficient energy for shooting in RAW yet a wedding is one time that it can be especially helpful as it gives quite a lot more adaptability to control shots subsequent to taking them. Weddings can give Las Vegas Wedding Photographers dubious lighting which results in the need to control introduction and white adjust afterward – RAW will help with this significantly.


  1. Show Your Shots at the Reception

An extraordinary aspect regarding advanced photography is the promptness of it as a medium. One of the fun things I’ve seen an ever increasing number of Las Vegas Wedding Photographers doing as of late is taking a PC to the gathering, assigning shots taken prior in the day as well as giving them an opportunity to pivot as a slideshow at night. It adds a fun element to the evening.


  1. Consider Your Backgrounds

One of the difficulties of weddings is that there are regularly individuals going wherever – including the foundations of your shots. Preferably you’ll need uncluttered regions and shaded spots out of direct daylight where there’s probably not going to be a meandering extraordinary close relative meander into the back of the shot.


  1. Try not to Discard Your “Slip-ups”

The enticement with computerized is to check pictures as you go and to erase those that don’t work quickly. The issue with this is you may very well be disposing of a portion of the all the more fascinating and useable pictures. Remember that pictures can be edited or controlled later to give you some more refined/conceptual looking shots that can add genuine enthusiasm to the end collection.


  1. Change Your Perspective

Get somewhat innovative with your shots. Whereas lots of the pictures at last folder will presumably be genuinely “ordinary” or formal stances – ensure you blend things up a little by bringing shots from down low, up high, at wide points and so forth.


  1. Wedding Group Shots

One thing, which I did at every wedding that I captured is endeavored to photo all people who participated in the one shot. The way I did it is to orchestrate a place, which I can get high above everybody straight after the function. This may mean getting tall stepping stool, utilizing an overhang or notwithstanding hopping on a rooftop. The magnificence of getting up high is that you get everybody’s face in it and can fit many individuals in the one shot.


  1. Fill Flash

When shooting outdoor after a service, you’ll most likely need to keep your blaze connected to give a little fill in glimmer. I tend to dial it back a little, so shots are not extinguished – but rather especially in illuminated or late morning shooting conditions where there can be a considerable measure of shadow, fill in the blaze is an unquestionable requirement.


  1. Constant Shooting Mode

Being able to shoot a considerable measure of pictures quick is exceptionally convenient on a big day so change your camera to constant shooting mode and utilize it. In some cases it’s the shot you take a moment after the formal or postured shot when everybody is unwinding that truly catches the occasion!


  1. Expect the Unexpected

One more recommendation that somebody gave me during the wedding day; ‘Things will Go Wrong – But They Can be the Best Parts of the Day’. In each wedding that I’ve partaken in something has a tendency to turn out badly for the day.

Regardless I captured where the lady of the hour and grooms auto collided with a Tram while in transition to the recreation center where we would take photographs. The women of the hour were in tears, the prep worried – yet after we’d all quieted down individuals started to see lots of the interesting side existing apart from everything else, and we even took two or three shots before driving on to the recreation center.


  1. Have a ton of fun

Weddings are regarding praising – they should be entertaining. The better time you have like the picture taker, the more casual those you are shooting will be. Maybe an ideal approach to extricating individuals up is to grin as the Las Vegas wedding photographers.

How to Stay Fit With Meal Replacement Shakes

There’s a myth that meal replacement shakes don’t work but that’s just not true. Depending on your health, allergies and other issues, meal replacement shakes do work and have been known to work when people put in the discipline. But losing weight is one thing, and remaining fit is another, and that’s where meal replacement shakes come in.

A lot of bodybuilders actually use replacement shakes to avoid wasting time as well as get required nutrients. It’s actually quite tasty when you make some homemade recipes of such shakes and that takes a lot less time than making a full course meal! And, many people who are busy with work, gym and other activities can find it difficult to maintain a routine of diet meals every day.

There’s another myth that fat is bad but that’s also simply not true. Not all fat is bad, and only some fats are actually bad for you and give you high cholesterol. We have to eat a diet with good fats instead of the bad fats, which are quite toxic and harmful for your body. So, how do you stay fit with meal replacement diet plans? Is it even possible to lose weight, let alone be fit and toned with these shakes?



Yes, it is and you can achieve that by following a proper and strict diet plan along with some exercise that will help you get where you want to – a healthy body! Anyone can do it and its very easy to as well, if you want it.

  • Get up on time. Yes, you heard me. That’s where it starts – mornings! Every morning we can detox just by drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning. A refreshing and tasty meal replacement shake can follow after that along with some herbal, beneficial tea.
  • Don’t skip meals! That’s not a good idea no matter who says it. The best way for weight loss is to follow a strict routine of diet and good exercise to maintain your health. But skipping meals is a no-no.
  • Have mini-meals. Instead of eating heavy or large meals, focus on eating mini-meals along with the meal replacement shakes. That is very good and healthy for you in the long run and will help you get closer to your target.
  • Join the local gym. Or just do basic exercises at home to stay fit. Your body needs to move and the best way to do that is by doing simple exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming etc. These will boost your metabolism and help you burn excess weight.
  • Focus on a healthy diet. It’s fun to go out with your friends or partner to have a tasty and scrumptious unhealthy meal but the calories! So, it’s always better to focus on a healthy yet tasty diet. It doesn’t mean you impose your type of food on others, though.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Add nuts as well for protein in your diet. That’s one way to ensure you are really healthy and get the good fats you need. Add in meal replacement shakes for healthy protein, and you are on your way to success!
  • And lastly, get to sleep on time! That’s important too. I understand some people follow different kinds of work shifts and find it difficult to maintain a routine that others follow – but don’t miss out on your beauty sleep! Sleeping for at least 6-7 hours is really important to stay healthy so regardless of when you work, make sure you get the sleep you need and deserve.

It’s pretty easy to maintain your health and body if you are strict and loving towards yourself. We usually lose interest in our own bodies and gaze at those who have the kind we’ve always want. But, it’s not that difficult once you set your mind to it. Being healthy means living more and having fun too!

To stay fit with meal replacement shakes is quite easy when you follow the above and listen to what your body is asking for. When you pay more attention to your body, you will find that not only do you love your body but also want what’s best for it. Many people scoff at the idea of such meal replacement shakes and weight loss, but once your body and mind is set, there’s no stopping you!

Fathers day quotes – to bring out our emotional side.

Although everyday should be fathers day and we should not let a single moment go in vain when it comes to appreciating our fathers, fathers day is when many can really express their true feeling for their dads. Our dads are our heroes; they are so selfless, kind, giving and always want to do what’s best for us. We can never repay them for what they have done for us but we can always try. Here we’ve gathered a few very inspirational fathers day quotes dedicated to our beloved fathers.

  1. “It is much easier to become a father than to be one.” — Kent Nerburn
  2. “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” — Anne Geddes
  3. “Becoming a father, I think it inevitably changes your perspective of life. The simplest things in life are completely satisfying.” — Hugh Jackman
  4. “A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” — Unknown
  5. “I have found that the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.” — Harry S. Truman
  6. “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” — Jim Valvano
  7. “A man’s worth is measured by how he parents his children. What he gives them, what he keeps away from them, the lessons he teaches and the lessons he allows them to learn on their own.” — Lisa Rogers
  8. “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” — George Herbert
  9. “I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my fathers equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” — Hedy Lamarr
  10. “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” —Ruth E. Renkel
  11. “Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.” — Reed Markham
  12. “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.” — Pam Brown
  13. “The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.” — Proverbs 20:7 (NKJV)
  14. “It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.” — Anne Sexton
  15. “I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started. ” — Bartrand Hubbard
  16. “From great oaks, little acorns grow.” — Latin Proverb
  17. “Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” — Unknown
  18. “Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other.” — Joseph Joubert
  19. “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” — Ruth E. Renkel
  20. “Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown.” — Unknown
  21. “It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.” — Harper Lee
  22. “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” — Theodore Hesburgh
  23. “A good father is one of the most unsung, upraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” — Billy Graham
  24. “Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers – and fathering is a very important stage in their development.” — David M. Gottesman
  25. “It’s only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home – it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. Pride reinforces love.” — Margaret Truman
  26. “There are three stages of a man’s life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus.” — Unknown
  27. “A father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero.” — Unknown
  28. “The father of a daughter is nothing but a high-class hostage. A father turns a stony face to his sons, berates them, shakes his antlers, paws the ground, snorts, runs them off into the underbrush, but when his daughter puts her arm over his shoulder and says, ‘Daddy, I need to ask you something,’ he is a pat of butter in a hot frying pan.” — Garrison Keillor
  29. “By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” — Charles Wadsworth
  30. “It was my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life.” — Dawn French
  31. “My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, ‘You’re tearing up the grass.’ ‘We’re not raising grass,’ Dad would reply. ‘We’re raising boys.’” — Harmon Killebrew
  32. “A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.” — Enid Bagnold
  33. “It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.” — John Sinor
  34. “The reward of child rearing is spending the rest of your life proudly knowing this person you helped guide. Let him be himself.” — Mike Sager
  35. “Lately all my friends are worried that they’re turning into their fathers. I’m worried that I am not.” — Dan Zevin


Here are some funny fathers day quotes:

  1. “A father is a guy who has snapshots in his wallet where his money used to be.” — Unknown
  2. “Children are a great comfort in your old age. And they help you reach it faster too.” — Lionel Kauffman
  3. “There should be a children’s song: ‘If you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let your dad sleep.’” — Jim Gaffigan
  4. “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” — Mark Twain
  5. “To be a successful father there’s one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don’t look at it for the first two years.” — Ernest Hemingway


Quotes always put a smile on our face and help us appreciate our loved ones better. You can use these quotes on a card that you plan to make him incase you fall short of words.

Dad… I love you

“I had all the love I needed from my mother, but my father simply believed in me”.

20 years ago. I was in a garden while my dad and mom were standing away from me. I was playing football with my friends and we didn’t bother ourselves with anything around us. Suddenly I felt someone was watching me. I looked around, but there was no one but the kids around us. Then I caught my dad’s eyes looking at me. He had that smile on his face I didn’t know exactly if he was happy or sad. I just felt like he was admiring and loving everything I do. I thought of all Fathers Day quotes I heard before, but none of them meant anything to me at the moment. I didn’t know why he did that, and I didn’t care at the time. Today I remember that look every time I see my kids around me. Now, I understand what my dad felt that day. He admired and loved me. But most importantly, he believed in me.


“I always hated when my dad gave me advice because I always knew he was right”.

I stood in front of the mirror to assure I was a super style 17 years old young man in my messy room. Everything was perfect. In the corner of the mirror, I saw my father standing at the door room. I rolled my eye and pretended I didn’t see him. I knew he was waiting for any opportunity to criticize me and show me how stupid I was.



It was the same every Fathers Day. I thought maybe he was waiting for me to say one of Fathers Day quotes. It was a cliché and I wouldn’t do it. I tried to take my time till he goes away. But he didn’t. At the end, I had no choice but to turn around and wait for his words. He just stood there looking at me. It was boring and confusing. I was just starting to leave the room when he stepped in holding my jacket. He handed it to me saying it will be cold later. I argued him and said I didn’t need him to tell me what to wear and that I’m a man. He looked at me and smiled and he said: “I know”. Then he left.

I stood there for a while. I stubbornly threw the jacket on the bed and left the room to meet my friends. After 3 steps I stopped, then I went back to the room and took my jacket then I left. He was right.


“A protector. A mentor. A shield. A guide. That’s what he meant to me”.

I sat there under rain looking at the grass. I remembered all the times he took me to play outside. He always laughed and told me that when I was a little kid, I used to throw the ball away then ask him to bring it back to me. It doesn’t matter what he was doing, he always brought it.

I smiled when I remembered every Fathers Day in the past 33 years. I always thought I should google some Fathers Day quotes and write it to him on a fancy card as I used to do with my mother. Then I would back down and think it is a silly thing to do. Was it really that silly? Maybe I should’ve done it.

What are the best Fathers Day quotes that I should have written to my father? Something about how much I loved him, or maybe how he affected my life in ways I never imagined. But he already knew all that. Every time I looked at his eyes, I knew he knew it. Then, why didn’t I say it to him.

If I knew I would write down every Fathers Day quotes and gave it to him. But now he’s dead. I can’t tell him all the things I always wanted to say.

My son comes near me and holds my hand. I look at him, then at the tombstone for a moment, and I realize it. Even if I never told him, he always knew. A father doesn’t need to hear the words from his son. He felt it in every look and every touch. Even when I wasn’t there for him. And he always loved me.

My favorite Fathers Day quotes?

“Dad… I love you”.