It turns out that many women are wearing the wrong size swimsuit. If you feel like yours doesn’t fit properly, or just don’t like the way your suit fits or looks, you should definitely be on the hunt for a new suit! You’re certainly not alone in this, especially for plus size women, whose options have been fairly limited until the past few years. Just because a suit is a large size does not mean it will fit properly. Being a large woman is not a walk in the park especially when you are trying to shop around for something that will look good on you. Just shopping for women’s plus size swimwear can seem like an endless task.

The main trouble for many women is that the design of one kind of suit doesn’t fit everybody, regardless how large or small the suit is. Women have larger waists, big butts and bigger busts, not to mention other things to be insecure about. Such things include scars, stretch marks, or cellulite, which you prefer to have covered to make you feel more confident.

Other body issues include having larger thighs, which can make certain designs of swimwear not to look good on you. Some plus size women carry love handles around their midsection or have a bulging belly which can make them uncomfortable in a swimsuit especially if they wear the wrong design. Even extra-large breasts can make your swimming experience bad. This is especially true if you wear a swimsuit that does not support your breasts properly. Being plus size is enough but when all these insecurities are thrown in the mix, swimming and spending time by the pool or at the beach can become a chore instead of relaxing and fun.

But, do we want you to enjoy the ocean while seated on the shore? Of course not! We want you to enjoy the beach just like everyone else! We can’t let our bodies control our lives. Love yourself and get what best suits your body type.That’s why it’s important to look through women’s plus size swimwear to find a suit that you love!

Below is a detailed guide on how you can overcome those insecurities by getting a swimsuit that flatters your figure.

Huge chest

If you have a huge chest string bikinis rarely do you any favors. Always go for swimsuits with cup sizes and underwire because they offer the support you need for your breasts. You do not want your breasts getting in the way while taking a dip. Also, look for bathing suits with thicker straps and double stitched bands for a more exciting look.

Broad shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, then your upper body can look broad. So, you need something that balances out your body for a flattering look. You can opt for swimsuits with asymmetrical necklines which help get the attention off the shoulders making your shoulders slim giving you the illusion of an hourglass body. Full body suits with solid colors can also work magic in making you look and feel good. The idea is drawing the attention off the shoulders for a flattering look.

Big butt

Plenty of plus size women have big butts. If you have a big butt, you do not want something that is neither too revealing nor too conservative but something that makes you beautiful. In this case, high-cut swimsuits and string bikinis are not an option. Go for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops which help cover your butt still making you look and feel great. These also help balance your body.

Love handles

Love handles are easy to reduce of with the right exercise and diet. The one and best way to hide your love handles is wearing a high waisted bottom. Make sure it extends all the way up to the belly button to avoid a muffin top.

Back fat

If you have back fat, then the last thing you will need is something that makes the fat more visible. So, wearing a suit with thin straps will not help you cover your back fat. you need the opposite. Wear a suit with thick straps and high backs to help smooth your backside. Thicker straps are less likely to dig into your flesh as thin straps do.

Tummy pouch

Getting rid of a tummy pouch is easy with regular exercises but hiding it can be a great deal. If you have a tummy pouch, you should stay away from anything that hugs your upper body. Instead opt for a solid bottom with a free-flowing top. This is a perfect illusion of a perfect body hence making you feel great and confident.


Majority of women have cellulite. They can be unsightly but cannot stop you from having fun. If you have cellulite, go for swim dresses. They come in variety of colors and can give you the perfect and confident look you desire.

Getting the right look as a plus size woman entirely depends on you. Know your flaws and dress to create an illusion of a perfect body and you will never be disappointed. Always remember to shop for the right women’s plus size swimwear that best suits your body shape. What works for someone else might not work for you so go for what suits you best. It is always easy and fun trying!