Everything You Need To Know About Plumbing Services

Everything You Need To Know About Plumbing Services
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Plumbing is important for the smooth running of any household.  But sometimes it’s not even possible to shower, clean utensils, or use the toilet because there is a leak, bad smell, or the pipe is clogged. When you experience this, you should definitely seek the services of a plumber.

In developed countries such as the US, the plumbing infrastructure is vital for public health as well as sanitation. But what type of plumber should you hire? What are some of the factors that you should consider? Well, to answer all the important questions, this article offers an overview of plumbing.

What is Plumbing?

It’s any type of system that’s responsible for conveying fluids. Plumbing is used to ensure that water is delivered safely in homes, business, or corporate buildings. It uses a variety of supplies which include pipes, valves, tanks, plumbing fixtures and other types of equipment that convey fluids.

Importance of Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the essential systems in our lives. Having a non-functional plumbing system means that you may not be able to wash, cook, bathe, or simply do any activity that involves the use of water. So, some of the benefits of plumbing include:

  • Efficient water supply: Without plumbing, it’s not possible to have an efficient water supply. This is vital for personal sanitary as well as that of your household.
  • Fixing faucet leaks: Will it’s possible to fix simple leaks, plumbers help to fix serious leaks, especially those that are concealed.
  • Drainage system: Plumbing is important for the installation of pipes which are used to drain wastes.

What Are The Different Types of Plumbing?

Plumbing is a professional that has multiple specializations. Plumbers are usually categorized depending on the type of services which they offer i.e. whether they’re dealing with water, gas, and wastes, etc. The different types of plumbing include:

Sanitary Plumbing

  • Clearing sanitary drains which have blockages
  • Installing suspended drains and waste pipes.
  • Installing sinks, basins, and toilets

Water Supply Plumbing

  • Installing cold or hot water supply system for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Connecting flushing toilets and rainwater tanks
  • Installing hot water systems including those that use solar panels

Drainage Plumbing

  • Laying sanitary and stormwater drains
  • Digging trenches
  • Installing sewerage treatment systems
  • Cleaning and repairing underground drainage systems


  • Installing and testing natural gas and LPG fitting lines
  • Installing and testing gas cooktops, heaters, and hot water services


  • Installing vents and skylight
  • Installing and fabricating gutters, downpipes, and metal roofing

Mechanical Plumbing

  • Installing and fabricating sheet metal ductwork
  • Installing splits, evaporative coolers, hydronic heating, and ducted heating

Plumbing Services

Types of Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing supplies are numerous. This includes PVC fittings, pipes, and valves, etc. Which are used in roofing, gutters, the sewerage system, toilet, and kitchen sinks among others. Common plumbing supplies include:

  • Water heaters and pumps
  • Valves
  • Pipe fittings and nipples
  • Water filters
  • Access doors
  • Pipe insulation
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Drains
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Sensor faucets
  • Strainers
  • Poly pipes among others

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Plumber

When you are experiencing plumbing problems, finding a competent plumber is what matters. Employing the services of an underqualified person means that you will face the same problem soon if not later. To get a long-lasting solution, some of the factors that you should consider when hiring a plumber are:


It is important to make sure that the person whose services you are utilizing is licensed. A licensed plumber has solid proof that they are well-trained and have fulfilled all the legal requirements required in their job capacity. Additionally, it’s very easy to locate a licensed plumber.

Insurance Cover

This is another essential factor that you should consider. Plumbing services are demanding and also pose high risks of health hazards. To be on the safe side, hire the services of a plumber who is insured. In case of injuries or damages which may occur during the project, both of you will be covered.

Use Referrals

If you have neighbors or friends who had previously experienced the same issue, then ask them for referrals. This will assist you when it comes to finding a competent plumber who can perfectly handle the problem in question.

Previous Experience

Apart from license and insurance, the experience is another factor that should be considered when hiring the services of a plumber. A plumber who has done similar types of repair or installation services in the past is at a better place of handling your current problem.

Types of Plumbing Services

We do not think about plumbers unless our drainage system is working, the water heater is broken, etc. However, plumbers are very important and they can fix a wide variety of problems that may affect the running of your household. Some of the plumbing services that are commonly-utilized by households include:

  • Drainage cleaning: It involves unclogging of kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Leak repair: Services offered here include fixing of leaking pipes.
  • Water heater repair: Services include repairing broken water pipes and installation services.
  • Toilet repair: Involves fixing toilet problems such as clogging, flushing, and overflows.
  • Hydro jetting repair: Fixing or installing hydro jets. Additionally, the services may involve cleaning and unclogging the pipes.
  • Sewer repair: When a sewerage system has malfunctioned, the foul smell, as well as the overflow, will prompt you to seek plumbing services.
  • Garbage disposal repair: Services for garbage disposal repair include leaks, strange noises when it’s running, and jamming.

The Bottom Line

Plumbing is done everywhere. Although there are certain leaks or clogging that we can fix by ourselves, the problem can sometimes be serious that you might be forced to hire a plumber. There are different types of plumbing services depending on the installation or repair that’s required. Additionally, it’s also important to hire the services of a competent plumber only. Check if they have a license, are insured, and experienced.


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