How the Probiotics in 310 Shakes Support Healthy Digestion


Several thousands of people suffer from problems in their digestive systems. In fact, poor digestive health is one of the leading factors of weight gain, obesity, heart problems, and other serious illnesses.

Probiotics, with their numerous benefits, can easily help correct digestive issues, and in this article, we’ll show you how the probiotics in 310 shakes support a healthy digestive system and processes.

Fights Against Bad Bacteria 

The intestines carry thousands if not millions of different types of bacteria both good and bad. Certain bacteria are native to your body and they grow and develop just as you do and strengthen with the different foods you eat throughout your life. With each bite you take, you introduce new bacteria into the digestive system that either mesh with the current bacteria or clash causing stomach issues, illnesses, or infections.

Probiotics fight the bad bacteria that have been introduced while also strengthening the good bacteria. Several meal replacement probiotic shakes are filled with various strains of probiotics that improve gut health and work to fortify the bacteria against future attacks.

Use Natural Greens and Proteins 

The 310 Shakes brand uses natural proteins, greens, and vegetables that are full of their own vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. The body requires different strains of probiotics to perform different functions. Particular strains found in natural green vegetables regulate digestive health and restore the balance of enzymes within the stomach necessary to digest food without extra bile being introduced into the gut.

Probiotics found in lean proteins encourage the digestive tract to take in good vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats while expelling unhealthy fats and any other chemicals that can cause more harm than good.


Help Fat Distribution in Intestines 

Digestive health can often be impacted by the way the intestines deal with fats. Our guts can either absorb fats to be stored in the body for reserve energy, burn fats to be used for immediate energy, or expel any fat that is not needed or could cause potential harm to the body. 310 Shakes contain probiotics that help the intestines effectively regulate all three processes to aid in healthy digestion.

By infusing healthy enzymes and strengthening good gut bacteria, the intestines are able to differentiate healthy from unhealthy fats while also taking in as much as is needed and not storing extra. A balanced absorption means that the intestines are working equally and digestion functions as normal.  

Balance Stomach Enzymes 

Scientists have found that probiotic supplements help the stomach digest food properly by balancing stomach enzymes and bile. Before food passes into the intestine, enzymes are needed to break it down so that it can be properly digested. Because of processed foods and unhealthy dietary habits, a lack of sufficient stomach enzymes is a common factor in poor digestion. 

If food is not broken down into a manageable state, the intestines are unable to take what is needed and often store more fat than necessary. Likewise, the intestines do not always catch all the bad bacteria which can result in infection and digestive problems.  

Regulate Stomach Bile 

As probiotics balance enzymes, they also automatically help regulate the amount of bile that passes into the intestines.

Though some bile in the intestines is normal, an excess can cause discomfort such as gas, bloating, cramping, or other symptoms. A balanced amount of bile such as is created by supplemented probiotics is needed for good digestive health.

Balance Hormones for a Healthy Mental and Emotional State 

Having a healthy digestive system can also be the result of a healthy mental and emotional state. Hormones are largely responsible for mental and emotional stability. When hormones are unbalanced, it can result in depression, moodiness, and an overall state of unhappiness. Gut health has been proven to either balance or disrupt hormonal balances. 

Since probiotics promote a healthy gut, they also help balance hormones. Certain strains of probiotics also help balance hormones simply because of the strain of bacteria. Scientists have found that certain strains cause chemical reactions that work like antidepressants. Balanced hormones that create a healthy mental and emotional state can aid in a healthy digestive system and better dietary practices.  


Probiotic-infused meal replacement 310 Shakes contain several natural and added probiotic strains that each work in their own way to promote a healthy digestive system.

By using these shakes on a daily basis, your body will be able to naturally restore balance and regulate functions that not only help digestion but that contribute to weight loss and overall health and wellness.