Beauty buffs all over the world can be found across social media channels and beauty magazines alike using the hottest new innovations in the beauty industry. Today, you’ll find that it is magnetic eyelashes. Made to attach in just seconds, this never-seen-before product is making beauty effortless and is standing out BIG time  in the world of beauty and fashion. Even the best beauty magazines think that magnetic eyelashes are the next must-have accessory for fashionistas. Popsugar declared, “I’m hopelessly addicted to magnetic false lashes and never turning back.” So, rejoice! Now you can have the lashes everyone envies and without any pain or fuss of glue adhesives!

These brand new glue-free falsies are exclusively made by One Two Cosmetics and they are called One Two Lash. Developed by Katy Stoka, founder of One Two Cosmetics, One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes have been called “beauty game-changer” by Teen Vogue magazine. And Allure magazine just awarded One Two Cosmetics its prestigious 2016 Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

If you love to glam up your eyes for sultry, sexy looks but never have the time (or courage) to apply faux lashes, it may be time to give One Two Lashes a try!

To apply One Two Lashes:

Remove the top One Two Lash from the box and gently place it just on top of your natural eyelash. Then position the One Two Lash so the outside edge is lined up with the edge of your natural eyelash line. Leave the top One Two Lash where it is, and then remove the bottom One Two Lash from the case and hold it just under your natural lash line. The mini magnets will pull towards each other and you can just let them snap in place. As they connect, you may need to blink them a few times to ensure they are in place, and if not, you can reposition them as many times as you like.

Removing One Two Lash magnetic extensions is even easier!

You can take off One Two Lashes by simply sliding the two lashes away from each other at the site of the mini magnets. Just use your index finger and thumb, and slide them apart until the magnetic connection is broken. Then just re-apply them as before until the placement feels just right.

What Beauty Buffs Are Saying

Even the top beauty experts and magazine editors agree that magnetic One Two Lashes are the hottest new thing in beauty accessories. These lash accessories are absolutely necessary for even the lowest-maintenance girl, as they are simply making beauty effortless and easy.


Just check this out …

  • The Zoe Report: “These magnetic lash strips will change your life!”
  • Cosmopolitan: “…where money can actually buy time and happiness.”
  • Popsugar: “I’m hopelessly addicted to magnetic false lashes and never turning back.”
  • Teen Vogue: “a beauty game-changer.”
  • Allure awarded One Two Lash with a 2016 Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product award at their Best of Beauty 2016.

The Exclusive Micro-Magnetic Technology of One Two Lash

Until now, if you wanted to apply a set of faux eyelashes you had to spend time fumbling around with sharp tools near your eyes, along with the sticky, smelly glue that always seems to dry before you can get the lashes on straight. And if you want to get a full set of falsies applied by a lash specialist, it can cost upwards of $200.00 – per month! Most people don’t realize that now there is a better option.

Designed to make looking beauty absolutely effortless, the magnetic eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics are changing the way women look at beauty. And that is just what owner, and One Two Lash developer Katy Stoka wanted: to making beauty effortless.

Can You Re-Apply One Two Lashes?

One of the best features of One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes is that they are 100% reusable. All you need to wash away mascara, or debris on the One Two Lashes is the exclusive wash made by One Two Cosmetics called One Two Wash. Then simply let the set dry and wear the other set of One Two Lashes included in every hard case. That way you always have a set of thick, and long lashes to wear!

Katy Stoka, owner of One Two Cosmetics and developer of magnetic eyelashes had a vision when she invented One Two Lashes: to make looking pretty easy. And she accomplished that for everyone when she came up with the idea for magnetic eyelashes. Made to apply in seconds, you really only need a touch of mascara to blend the extensions into your natural lashes, and that’s all! There’s no glue required, and no additional make up needed to look ultra sexy and stunningly sophisticated in faux lashes.

Then you can just rinse them clean, and re-apply the set the next day after they dry. It’s really never been easier to look ultra glamorous every day.

Who Can Wear One Two Lashes?

When Katy Stoka came up with the idea for magnetic eyelashes, she wanted everyone to have a hassle-free way to boost their look. And one of the best ways to go glam in a hurry is by bulking up the look of your lashes. Katy knew that, but she wanted everyone to know it too, and to be able to get the glam lash look without any pain, or irritation. Today, you’ll find that Katy’s vision is now a reality for anyone who is ready for a bold impactful look with a natural feel. And that’s just what you’ll get with One Two Lash!

Which One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelashes Are Right For Me?

Katy wanted to know that every lash look you desire is easy to achieve. So, she developed three different One Two Lash styles.

  • ORIGINAL LASH. Made to look natural, but thick, long and luscious.
  • BOLD LASH. Ultra-thick and dramatic for a more intense look.
  • ACCENT LASH. Designed with a slight flip at the end, these magnetic eyelashes are ideal for adding a little extra oomph to your lash look.

Where Can I Buy One Two Lashes?

If you are ready to find out what millions of glam gals already know, just head over to the One Two Cosmetics website and purchase your own set of One Two Lashes. Available in many countries, you can get them deliver right to your door. It’s just that easy to be beautiful.