Outdoor adventures such as camping are sometimes necessary. At some point, it becomes overwhelming having to deal with the daily activities of life. So, taking a break from what you are used to is very important. And there’s no better way to reconnect with yourself and nature other than going camping. However, this outdoor activity requires you to arm yourself with the right knowledge and equipment. To help you understand everything about it, below is an overview of camping.

What is Camping?

It’s an outdoor activity that involves overnight in shelters, away from home. Campers normally leave their homes-urban areas, to spend time outdoors bonding with nature. It involves the use of shelters such as tents, cabins, and caravans among others.

What are the Different Types of Camping?

Before purchasing or packing your camping essentials, it’s important to know what type of camping you will be engaging in. Each type or style of camping requires certain types of equipment. Well, if you are planning to take a couple of days outdoors, here are the different styles of camping.

Campsite Camping

It’s the most popular type of camping that most outdoor lovers engage in. Campsite camping requires the camper to pay for the pitch and it can be done by couples, friends, or families. The use of dedicated pitch means that your surroundings will involve other campers. If you are going for campsite camping, it’s important to invest in one of the best camping tents for your personal security.


It involves carrying everything on your back as you walk throughout the day and then pitching a tent or a hammock when you need to rest. Backpacking can last for one night to multiple months. However, you need to pack light equipment because you will be carrying all your gear on your back.

Dry Camping

It’s also known as wild camping or boondocking. With dry camping, you will be using a recreational vehicle. However, you will only use whatever you have on site because of the shortage of amenities such as water.


This is one of the latest trends in camping. In a world where technology is taking over everything, people are now taking glamour to camping i.e. Glamping. The rich and wealthy are now engaging in fun outdoor adventure while bringing in their everyday luxury. Glamping is a type of camping that’s done in a controlled environment. Its popularity came from the luxurious approach of safari tours.

Survivalist Camping

It’s a radical type of camping that’s usually done by veteran campers. Survivalist camping tests your survival skills. It requires the camper to be self-sufficient while they are out in the wild. Generally, a camper will go in isolated outdoor space, pitch their tent, and then use things within the surrounding environment for their survival. Survivalist campers normally obtain their food by hunting, harvesting fruits or edible plants, and fishing.

Bicycle Camping

Perfect Camping

It’s one of the types of camping that is attracting more campers. It provides more flexibility and has an economic advantage. You can camp in a hotel, hostel, or use pitch your tent wherever you want. It allows you to travel far from your immediate environment by just riding a bicycle. So, for those who love cycling and adventure, this is the best alternative that allows you to travel and explore new surroundings without spending much.

What Should I Bring for Camping?

Do you want to spend some few days away from home? Well, if you are going camping then you need to first have a tent. Note that the best camping tents are usually durable, waterproof, and secure, so invest in something that has these features. Other camping essentials include:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Headlamps or flashlights
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Safety pins
  • First aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • A lighter
  • Pocket knife etc.

Camping Activities

Camping provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with nature. This is where you can relax and escape the daily chaos of life. If you are not bringing your electronic devices, there are many activities which you can engage in to keep yourself busy. Some of the best activities which a camper can engage in include:

  • Swimming and other water activities: You can do this if your campsite is close to a water body. 
  • Nature photography: With smartphones and cameras, you can have a fascinating experience while camping. Take photos of the surrounding environment, birds, and animals, etc.
  • Wildlife watching: This is one of the satisfying activities that you can engage in while camping. Take note of the different types of birds or animals you come across, their size, and color among other things.
  • Piling: This is a meditative yet creative activity. Piling or rock balancing allows you to have fun while teaching you about patience and resilience.

Helpful Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping is generally fun, especially during the warmer seasons. But you need to remember that you will be outdoors so you need to be careful. Some of the camping tips and tricks that you can use to make your outdoors experience successful include:

  • Ensure that you change the weather patterns before you set out.
  • Try out the camping equipment beforehand to make sure that all the parts are functional
  • Thoroughly checking your camping equipment especially, the tent, to ensure that it’s free of bugs or pets.
  • Have a survival kit which mostly consists of snacks, sanitary products, and a medical emergency kit.
  • Cover all edibles because insects and animals are usually attracted to smell
  • For security and safety purposes, invest in a padlock.

Final Thoughts

A camping trip is a great way for individual, friends, or families to get together and have fun. Besides that, it offers a relaxing opportunity to connect with nature. There are different types of camping which involve different settings as well as equipment. So, go ahead and pick the right form of an outdoor expedition that suits you.


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